Unilaternal magnet

Ultra Compact MRI


Current Projects: Cambridge

ABQMR makes specialized NMR probes. The photo above shows the details of different probes to be used with a 25mm gap 1T magnet that is a part of MRTechnology's NMR system. Probe (1) is an imaging probe to be used with a 10mm NMR tube and probe (2) is to be used with a standard 5mm NMR tube. Probe (3) is shown in two views and has a built-in 2mm ID capillary with commercial (Upchurch) fittings for 1/16" tubin

The image on rhe right shows another in the probe package supplied to Cambridge University. As shown, it is a 0.7 mm outer diameter, 0.5 inner diameter capillary tube with a 66 turn coil wound onto it. The capillary is a semi-permanent feature and can be used with both stationary and flowing fluids.
Last Updated April 3, 2016