Unilaternal magnet

Ultra Compact MRI


Current Projects: Ultra Compact MRI

Ultra compact MRI device for experiment and in-house development. In this intstance, we were using a 1.7T magnet made by Aster Enterprises out of Acton, MA. The magnet of this desktop unit measures 2x2x4 inches with a gap of 10mm.

Much of the work done for the development of the ultra compact MRI unit was done using this 1.0T Aster magnet. It measures 2x2x2 inches, again with a 10mm gap

Seen here is a stage four Xenopus laevis embryo, suspended, frozen, and rehydrated prior to imaging. It is one of the many images taken with the 1.0T system. The resolution is 25x28 microns.

Last Updated April 3, 2016