Unilaternal magnet

Ultra Compact MRI


Current Projects: Unilateral Magnet

Unilateral NMR device for University of California at Davis, Food Science Department.  Fruit samples can be set on top of the coil for T2 determination.  Its sensitive region is about 8mm long, axially, centered 17mm from the end of the magnet with a working field strength of 0.13T (or Larmor frequency of 5.5 MHz for protons).

One of its potential uses is to non-invasively measure sweetness of watermelons because T2 is correlated with sweetness.

The unit closed up for storage or transport.

The quarter-wave circuitry.

Prof. Matt Augustine, UC--Davis, using the unilateral device on a metallic barrel of tomato sauce to check for spoilage.

Last Updated April 3, 2016