ABQMR, Inc is a research and development company working in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Leveraging our many years of experience in fundamental and applied research and market-driven development, we work with collaborators in the research, small business, and academic sectors to bring new products to market. Our particular strength is pioneering new approaches or applications of MRI and NMR especially at relatively low magnetic fields. We also offer consulting services to those exploring the possibility of using magnetic resonance in their experiments, processes, or products.
Eiichi Fukushima and Andrew McDowell formed ABQMR, Inc. in late 2005, as a spin-off from New Mexico Resonance where they both worked. We maintain a very close relationship with New Mexico Resonance, developing their research results into commercial products and drawing on their expertise in support of other projects.

Our colleagues at New Mexico Resonance, with whom we continue to work closely, bring many years of NMR/MRI experience to bear on an even wider range of applications, including anatomical and functional imaging of lungs, the rheological behavior of two-phase fluids, functional imaging of the brain, imaging of gases and fluids in cracks, new hardware and techniques for improving gradient performance, exercise physiology, and many others.

Our colleagues at MRTechnology, in Japan pioneered and manufacture compact MRI units based on modern permanent magnets. These units are being used in many diverse applications including imaging small animals, human extremities for arthritis and osteoporosis detection, salmon, ice, natural gas hydrates, fruits, and food processing.

Last Updated April 3, 2016