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76th New Mexico Regional NMR Meeting
Saturday, April 4, 2020

The program consists of these talks:

• Dr. Brennan Walder, Sandia National Laboratories "Structure and Dynamics in Li-primary Battery Materials"

• Dr. Derrick Kaseman, Los Alamos National Laboratory "New Frontiers in Earth's Field NMR for Structural Elucidation"

• Dr. Ryan McCarty, UC Irvine "Computational Chemistry and Machine Learning for Interpreting NMR Spectra"

• Prof. Ben Wylie, Texas Tech University " TBD...something Biophysical"

There is no registration fee but please notify the organizers of your desire to attend by following the link below or go to Additional information including past meetings, schedule of events, and other information is also available there. We hope to see you there.


In other news...

Hilary Fabich joined us as a scientist in the second half of 2018 after being a postdoctoral fellow for the previous ~18 months.

Jeanne Klein is now in charge of our office. She previously worked for Lovelace Scientific Resources.

Steve Altobelli became the president of ABQMR after Eiichi Fukushima resigned.

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