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72nd New Mexico Regional NMR Meeting
Saturday, Cinco de Mayo 2018

The program includes the following talks: Diana Bernin (Swedish NMR Center) "NMR - a Pasta Screener", Andrew McDowell (NuevoMR, Albuquerque) "Shim it yourself! Homebuilt passive and active shims that achieve hi-res in permanent magnets", Matt Rosen (Martinos Center, Harvard University) "Life at the Bottom: deconstructing MRI at 6.5 mT", Daniel Topgaard (Lund University, Sweden) "Solid-state NMR methods for soft matter - from lipid membranes to the living human brain."

There is no registration fee but please notify the organizers of your desire to attend by following the link below. Additional information including past meetings, schedule of events, and other information is also available there.

Additional (and historical) information can be found at:


We hope to see you there.

    Last Updated March 25, 2018